Korg Poly 800 (Limited Edition)

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There has been a new arrival in the MC Evillest Coven household this evening, and the hallways are resounding to the pitter-patter of tiny DCOs. The Kord Poly 800 is a (very underrated) 1984-vintage analog-digital hybrid, kind of a poor man's Juno, and now I've got one of the rare ones. You can see it below with my other new toy in the background.

Detail of studio showing Korg and Eee

I have Plans for this machine, but for now I'm just enjoying the sounds - I've been at it for four hours and it is Fun.

sample 1 playing with the joystick
sample 2 A bit loud, overdriven upper register filter stabs
sample 3 Detuned sawtooth & lots of delay.
sample 4 Similar to the above but with 'clicky' envelope.
sample 5 Bass
sample 6 More bass using the 'hold' control.

All the above recorded into audacity through a Berhinger UB802 mixer and a JSH DX99 Digitec delay. I'm still figuring out the levels so there is some clipping.

22:49 03 Mar 2008 /music/ korgpoly800_1

Strategem 36

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I am very glad I didn't subcumb to my impulse to mix Stratgem 36 with a Public Enemy a capella track.

01:32 10 Jan 2008 /music/tracks/ Strategem36

Cage Brrd

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A new track - Cagebrrd has been 'almost done' since September, but I've only got around to finishing it now.

01:26 10 Jan 2008 /music/tracks/ Cagebrrd

List of All Released Tracks

All tracks released before this site went live have actually been available all along, it's just that people have recently reminded me that I haven't mentioned it to anyone. Here's everything I've ever released.

Putting them in one directory makes them easy to back up!

15:31 28 Sep 2007 /music/ all_tracks

Diamond Glide

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A new track called Diamond Glide.

19:20 12 Aug 2007 /music/tracks/ DiamondGlide

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